English Bulldog Information

Feeding Amounts

Are You Feeding Your English Bulldog the Proper Amounts?



The amount of food your English Bulldog needs depends on a variety of factors including: age, size, metabolism and activity level. The actual amount needed is based on the energy needs of your Bulldog. For example, a working dog or a dog that is outside all the time in the winter will need more food than a sedentary dog who is mainly kept inside. Puppies and pregnant or lactating dogs need double the amount of food that an adult dog needs. It is important not to feed a growing Bulldog too much because rapid growth can be harmful and can even shorten the life span of your Bulldog.

It is important not to let your English Bulldog become obese, which is an increasingly common problem among today's Bulldogs. Not only will your English Bulldog have less energy if he's obese, but it can lead to serious health problems. When deciding how much to feed your English Bulldog, read the label on his food and feed him the right amount for his weight, age, etc. If he seems to weigh too much, try cutting back on his portions.



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